Monday, June 20, 2011

Meanwhile, across the river from NJ....(VIDEO link)

...Bloombergville is still up and running. It's another tent city protesting budget cuts (which of course are necessitated by the FALLING TAX RECEIPTS which result from WALL STREET RECKLESSNESS) in New York.

Bloombergville Now! says a lunchtime rally was scheduled today; we'll check in later to see how that went. And tonight a rally is planned in which attendees are invited to dress as a millionaire or a street urchin.

Here's how Bloombergville Now! explains its ask:
After already severe cuts in the past two years that  left hospitals underfunded, closed schools, eliminated bus lines and subway service, and reduced other public services including sanitation and rat control, average New Yorkers can’t take any more.  Our message is No More: No Cuts, No Layoffs, No Compromises, Make Bankers and Millionaires Pay!!

If allowed to pass the proposed Bloomberg budget will close up to 17 senior centers, cut or reduce services at nearly 60 child care centers, shut 20 more schools and 20 firehouses, and cause thousands of workers to lose their jobs, including up to 6000 teachers. 
For some reason we can't embed the latest youtube video, but here's a link to it.