Thursday, June 23, 2011

10K get their protest on in NJ

We're guessing that's the size of the crowd in Trenton demonstrating against the Pen-Ben bill that New Jersey's Assembly will soon vote on. The Senate passed a similar version on Monday.

There isn't a lot of love for the Democratic Party today. Up until now, New Jersey's lardass governor, Chris Christie, has been held in check by Democratic majorities in both chambers of the Legislature. But a little over a week ago, the Democratic leadership sold out cut a deal with Christie to raise state workers' pension and benefit contributions and to kill collective bargaining over health care. And so you're seeing signs in Trenton today that say, "Dems Are Traitors."

Here's the Newark Star-Ledger at 1:36 pm:
Biggest rally of the year
More than 8,500 workers have gathered outside the Statehouse complex in Trenton, according to the State Police.

Onstage, the union leaders that have been fighting Gov. Chris Christie for months over the pension and benefits overhaul are making what could be their closing arguments before the last votes are cast today in the Assembly.
Charles Wowkanech, state director of the AFL-CIO, vowed that Democrats voting for the bill would face retribution in November...
Meanwhile, Bill Lavin, the president of the state's largest firefighters union said it might be time to break off from the Democrats and form a labor party — a tactic that disaffected union workers in North Carolina took last year.
Here's what we're learning from the tweetosphere:

@bluejersey: We can hear you on the TV coverage of the #NJN hearing going on in the Senate.

@WHREAPres: Three carloads of teachers heading to Trenton after school.

@Janetb1211: We are ten-thousand strong. We can do this!

@jaycaplan 1212: Public employees, let the @njassemblydems hear you loud & clear. Rain isnt going to stop us from being heard

@CWA_NJ: No seats inside for the people, swat teams & armored cars outside.

@Sethcwanj: Chanting "kill the bill" into the Democratic Caucus

@CWA_NJ: Workers encircle the statehouse, make sure the assembly can hear exactly what they're killing

@SorayaGardner: We'll remember in Nov. This is what democracy looks like.