Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BMW trashes US workers after getting loans from Fed

BMW Rally from Alas Media on Vimeo.

Literally. The company is trying to treat these long-time employees like so much trash to be thrown into the street. Earlier this month, BMW told 65 Teamsters that on Aug. 31, the day their contract expires, their jobs will be outsourced to a third party (which probably uses misclassified independent contractors).

Teamsters held a rally next week. The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported,
About 150 employees, Teamsters union representatives and their family members blocked a portion of Lowell Street across from the center.
Some supporters waved American flags.

Others held up signs that read "BMW declares war on workers" and "BMW destroys good American jobs."...
"This is an attack on American workers," said Rigo Tirado, president of the Teamsters Local Union 495, which represents the affected warehouse employees.
To add insult to injury, the German carmaker got low-interest loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Their corporate tool spokesperson artfully denies the company got TARP money, but that's not what the Teamsters allege. Randy Cammack, president of Teamsters Joint Council 42, got it exactly right when he said BMW got bailed out with secret low-interest loans from the Fed
...and in exchange, they mock America’s laws and try to destroy working families.
Local 495 in Los Angeles is committed to the long, hard fight to save their jobs. Watch the video.