Friday, June 24, 2011

WI solidarity with NJ

Wisconsin offers solidarity to New Jersey.
@madjanetJD: Solidarity from #Wiunion "The first thing we did right was the day we started to fight. Hold on, hold on." #standupnj
What happened yesterday in New Jersey was another attack on the middle class through the erosion of collective bargaining rights. Complicit Democrats in the legislative leadership enabled lardass NJ Gov. Chris Christie to go all Koch whore Scott Walker on workers. A budget "compromise" was crafted. Government workers' collective bargaining rights for health care were destroyed, and workers were required to contribute more for their benefits and pension plans.

The peerless David Dayen writes,
Unions in New Jersey actually have no collective bargaining guarantee other than health benefits, so this eliminates pretty much their main bargaining chip.
The legislation will impact 750,000 public workers and retirees
Let's be clear: The reason New Jersey's pension system is in a shambles is that irresponsible governors going back to Christie Todd Whitman skipped pension payments, mismanaged the funds and engaged in such fraud that the Securities and Exchange Commission sued the state. Lawyers, accountants and bond underwriters (i.e., Wall Street) were all paid well for promoting the fraud. When New Jersey settled the case, none of the lawyers, accountants or bond underwriters paid the slightest penalty. They weren't even named so that the public would be aware of their disgraceful behavior.

The issue here isn't that workers are unwilling to share in the sacrifice. It's the millionaires who aren't willing. And remember, some of them profited from New Jersey's pension fraud. Christie vetoed a tax hike on millionaires last year and he'll do it again. @cwatbruno tweeted it best:
A millionaire can't afford a 1% tax but a public worker making $35K can pay10% to pay for healthcare!!!! Great logic! #standupnj #njpension
Taking workers' collective bargaining rights away prevents them from sitting down at the table and negotiating a fair solution to a difficult problem. That's what workers are steamed about. Rightfully so.
Here's how bluejersey describes the mood:
We shall rise from the ashes and the flames of our wings shall burn out of office the traitors and heretics who sacrificed our rights.
Let June 23rd, 2011 be remembered as the day that marked the end of every Christiecrats political career.

If we don't stand together, we fall alone.
Wisconsinites offer this crucial tip to their brothers and sisters in New Jersey: Get twigged to twitter. Click here for a quick guide from Wisco, where the art of twitter-inspired protest was perfected.