Monday, June 20, 2011

Gov. Gone Wild Rick Scott vs. Big Bird

Scary looking, isn't he?
Florida Gov. Skelator Rick Scott recently vetoed $4.8 million in funding to public broadcasting because he claims it’s a “special interest.”

Scott knows Sesame Street is NOT a special interest because he has personal experience with special interests:
  • Scott’s $3 million inauguration was funded by corporate interests, including more than 200 contributions from corporations.
  • Health industry interests, like drug companies and HMO chains, gave the largest portion of funding at over $800,000.
  • Real estate industry interests, such as developers and investors, gave more than $275,000.
  • Gambling interests gave $150,000.
  • For the 2010 election cycle, Scott received more than $731,000 in contributions from institutions, which includes money from corporations, as well as political action committees.
Scott, the Medicare scam artist, is currently facing a lawsuit by the ACLU over his state agency drug testing plan that would no doubt benefit his personal health industry interests, aka Solantic.

The funding cuts to public broadcasting will go into effect in July, leaving broadcasters concerned over their survival.

It's no surprise that Govs Gone Wild around the country are working off the same playbook. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also recently dropped public broadcasting in the state, shifting operations to New York, and benefiting his corporate and political friends in the process.

Special interest, indeed.