Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What got into Jay Nixon?

Whatever it is, we hope it stays there.

Jay Nixon is the governor of Missouri, and he went wild the other day, but in a good way. Not like these other clowns who think their job is to attack working families. Nixon said he'd veto a right-to-work bill to destroy unions if it came to his desk (it didn't.). And just the other day he vetoed a bill to suppress voting among people who vote Democratic.

So here's where Nixon went a little wild. The usually mild-mannered, conciliatory governor whaled on extremist anti-worker politicians (can you say "Scott Walker"?) at a Jefferson-Jackson dinner in St. Louis.

Watch the video. The good stuff starts at the 5 minute mark. Here's a highlight:
We're making progress by working togher. Serious people with serious ideas, not ideological extremists yelling at each other. I hear some other governors out there are getting a little extreme ... Attacking working families doesn't create a single job. Attacking teachers, that doesn't help our kids learn. And attacking public employees, that doesn't inspire anyone. The challenges we face are to big for ideological extremism. We don't have that kind of time to waste.
You go, gov!