Sunday, June 26, 2011

Secret VIDEO: Kasich thanks Koch front group

Whoa. Here's corporate stooge Ohio Gov. John Kasich posted a secret video on youtube thanking the Kochtopus group Americans for Prosperity (the Tea Party). He tells them
 "... in the four months that I've been Governor, we've accomplished a lot in Ohio... in all of these efforts the strong support of Americans for Prosperity has made a really big difference...
Progress Ohio reports Kasich recorded the video using state resources. Funny, we thought the Tea Party was against Big Government.

Kasich calls the Koch acolytes "Fighters for Freedom" and says,'s so important that Ohio's fighters for freedom, the grassroots leaders of Americans for Prosperity, continue to lend their support to the effort to get Ohio back on track."
(NOTE: We do need to know whether Kasich plans to fly to Vail for the Kochapalooza that starts today.)
The video is secret because it's unlisted. That means only people who have the link can see it. Well, here's the link.