Friday, June 24, 2011

Walker cancels budget-signing ceremony at tax felon's company

We thought Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was completely and utterly shameless, but we were wrong. The mouth-breathing guv has a tiny shred of awareness that it looks bad to sign a budget that raises taxes on the poor and cuts them on millionaires at a business owned by someone who spent three months in prison for felony tax evasion.

After ThinkProgress, broke the story of the tax-cheating business owner, the Milwauke Journal-Sentinel reports,
Gov. Scott Walker has called off plans to sign the 2011-'13 budget bill at a private Green Bay-area company run by an executive with six felony convictions, a spokesman announced today.
The announcement came less than an hour after the Journal Sentinel contacted the governor's office to ask about the executive's criminal history.

Walker aide Cullen Werwie said his office would be announcing a new location soon for the budget ceremony on Sunday. 
Werwie acknowledged that Walker's advance team had erred by not conducting a thorough background check on Gregory A. DeCaster, chief executive officer of Badger Sheet Metal Works in Ashwaubenon.