Thursday, December 6, 2012

URGENT: Come to Lansing today (VIDEO)

Union members and their families are urgently needed in Lansing today to protest the pending introduction of an anti-worker, pro-poverty bill in the Michigan Legislature. 

The plea is on the Protect Working Families Facebook page:
We NEED you to come to Lansing to join our team of citizen lobbyists talking to legislators about why we don't need a Right-to-Work fight in Michigan Thursday, December 6th. Many Republican legislators and billionaire Dick DeVos are pushing this right wing agenda and we need your help to stop them.
Meet at the UAW Local 724. For more information, click here.

No doubt the large noisy crowd of protesters in the Statehouse yesterday prevented the state Senate from its rumored 4 pm action on a right-to-work bill. It's unclear whether they'll continue to hold off. The Detroit Free Press reported,
Expectations are high that a right-to-work bill could be introduced in the state Capitol Thursday after more than a week of lawmakers and interest groups battling over the issue that has stirred huge controversy across the state. 
Hundreds of union members and liberal activists massed and loudly chanted in the Capitol rotunda Wednesday as state lawmakers deliberated other issues in the House and Senate. But the Republican majority made no move to introduce or identify a bill to make Michigan the nation’s 24th right-to-work state. 
The unionists actions followed the announcement late Tuesday by Gov. Rick Snyder that right to work is “on the agenda” in Lansing, after he insisted for more than a year the issue was too divisive and not on his personal to-do list. 
“I made a prediction on Monday that something would happen this week,” Inside Michigan Politics editor Bill Ballenger said Wednesday. “I’ll stand by that, and if it’s going to happen this week, it’s got to be tomorrow.”
Stay tuned.