Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hoffa to Michigan Teamsters: We will defeat Right to Work for Less

Teamsters marching against RTW4Less in Michigan today.
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa told Michigan Teamsters last night that the union plans to fight right-to-work-for less in the courts, in the Legislature and at the ballot box.

Hoffa spoke to hundreds of Michigan Teamsters on a conference call as they geared up for a massive Day of Action against right-to-work-for-less in Lansing today.
This is shocking. It's incredible that in just five days they can push through a major law that at a minimum should be put to a vote. This is wrong and it shows that these lame-duck lawmakers don't care about Michigan workers.
Hoffa urged his brothers and sisters to join him in Lansing and show Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature that Michigan unions like the Teamsters and the United Auto Workers are ready to fight.
We've got a real battle on our hands and we're going to win this battle. The war on workers has come to Michigan. We will fight this in the courts, in the legislature and at the ballot box. This is not the end; it's just the beginning.
Hoffa was joined by General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, who said that what's happening in Michigan is part of a much bigger offensive being waged against the middle class. He described the coalition of anti-worker billionaires who are propping up the latest assault in Michigan, including the Koch brothers and groups like ALEC:
This is part of a well-funded, coordinated attack on workers nationwide.  
We can't sit back and watch out-of-state corporate hacks attack workers. The forces behind right to work for less in Michigan don't care about your paycheck. They are trying to throw middle class jobs and pensions out like yesterday's trash.
Others on the call included Greg Nowak, secretary-treasurer of Joint Council 43, and David Robinson, president of Joint Council 43, who both thanked Hoffa and Hall for their support in Michigan. Nowak said unions will hold elected officials responsible if the bill gets passed today:
There is a mechanism in place to stop this attack – that mechanism is us. Don't let them shove right to work for less down our throats.
Hoffa took a few questions from Teamsters on the call and said that Tuesday's rally is the starting point for labor's pushback. For those who can't make it to Lansing, Hoffa said there are many other ways to help.
We also have petitions and we need everyone to get involved in the effort to collect signatures. There's a lot more to be done.