Thursday, December 20, 2012

UPS Teamsters show solidarity with striking BlueLinx drivers

UPS Teamsters join the strike line at BlueLinx.
UPS brothers showed up at the BlueLinx Trucking terminal in Miami today to support striking Teamsters drivers. Brother Mike Scott, president of Local 769 in Miami, posted the photo to the left, along with the message:
I'm so proud of the members of 769.
They were forced into an unfair labor practices strike by BlueLinx executives.

Local 769 filed charges against the company with the National Labor Relations Board.

Land Line reported:
Josh Zivalich, spokesman for Teamsters Local 769 (said) ...“The unfair labor practice has to do with the denial of access and information of our union representative to meeting with and being on the premises with our members..." 
He said the Teamsters represent roughly15 truck drivers at the trucking company’s Miami terminal. 
“Not only did the company limit our union rep’s access, they actually removed him from the property in the midst of a dispute going on between the company and the union,” Zivalich said. “We believe our representative clearly had a right to be there to represent our members.”
Said Scott in a statement:
Our members will not tolerate having their hard-won and legally protected rights taken away by Blue Linx. We’ve represented employees of Blue Linx for years and they have worked hard to make the company a success. To treat its workers like this is insulting.
Teamster drivers at Blue Linx haul construction materials throughout the southern portion of the state.

Stay strong!