Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ohio next for RTW4Less scam?

This cartoon was first posted in July, but now's a good time for a re-run. It was ALEC that drafted the bills that became Michigan's new anti-union (so-called "right to work") laws. Ohio will be next.

A front group called Ohioans for Workplace Freedom and undoubtedly funded by extremist billionaires like the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers recently put this out in their newsletter:
...the effort to make Ohio the 24th Workplace Freedom state has been all the buzz for the last few days with Ohioans for Workplace Freedom featured in national, regional and local media across the US. 
But more important than media buzz is action. 
- Scores of new volunteers signed up to help circulate the petition across Ohio.- 46 organizations requested presentations on the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment at their groups to move forward to support the effort or launch signature gathering efforts.- Past our existing county coordinators, 16 new people have volunteered to help organize their county to gather signatures for this effort where we didn't have someone before.
Get ready for another fight, brothers and sisters.