Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is what we union THUGGS do for struggling families at Christmas

We give thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to parents so they can buy their kids presents.

WDEF in Chattanooga reports that "Teamsters for Tots" gave 29 families gift cards worth $7,000 to shop at Kmart for their children.

The video above tells the story of Jonathan Russ, who lost his fingertips in a work accident shortly before Christmas.
His wife Ashlie said, "Without him working there was gonna be no extra money to be able to buy Christmas and I guess that was his biggest worry.  That was the first thing he said at the hospital was 'this happened and it's right at Christmas time what are we gonna  do?'" 
     Just a week an a half before Christmas, they received a phone call that changed everything. 
     Ashlie said, "It was his mom and she said that theres gonna be a guy calling you to meet with you about some Christmas for the kids with an organization. So It was just amazing."… 
      "I was so worried about them not getting anything. It just terrified me and after this I was just, I guess blessed," said Jonathan.
Happy holidays. And remember, "THUGGS" stands for "Those Helpful Union Guys and Gals."