Tuesday, December 11, 2012

15K in historic Michigan Day of Action as RTW vote expected soon

Hoffa leads the first group of Teamsters on the march to the Capitol.
The Day of Action is on in Lansing, as Teamster President Jim Hoffa leads the first wave of Teamsters to the Capitol chanting "No justice, no peace." A crowd estimated at 15,000 swarms through the streets to show Gov. Rick Snyder they will not stand for laws that lower wages and increase poverty.
Inside the Rotunda, hundreds of angry citizens fill the Rotunda with thunderous sound. The bill is expected to be voted on by noon, and Snyder will probably sign it immediately. The House session has begun; we learn from Twitter that the Democratic Minority Leader is giving pleasantries before the yells and screams otuside.

The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity had reserved the steps and park, but the right-to-work supporters fled in the face of the huge mass of union supporters. But the Koch lackeys are in the crowd trying to cause trouble. Tweets urge people to avoid conflict.

Teamsters are joining the protest in waves; busloads from Detroit, Teamsters from Grand Rapids, Flint, Marquette, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana. Hoffa will speak soon, as will Patti McGuckin, a YRC Freight Teamster and member of Local 299.

Several school districts closed in Michigan because so many teachers took the day off to join the Day of Action in Lansing.

ClickOnDetroit reports:
The Taylor School District will be closed down Tuesday because of the high number of staff that have either called in sick or are taking personal days to attend rallies in Lansing.
Stay tuned.