Friday, June 1, 2012

More drama in WI as Barrett gains

The momentum in Wisconsin seems to be shifting to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as Gov. Scott Walker's made-up jobs numbers were dismissed by the federal government. Wisconsin is still dead last in job creation.

Politiscoop reported,
Scott Walker and the Department of Workforce Development attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of Wisconsinites with their claim that the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed his fictitious claim of creating jobs in Wisconsin... 
Politiscoop contacted the BLS today for verification of the claim. It turns out to be one of Walker's biggest lies to date. In a conversation with a BLS representative, we found that the state of Wisconsin submitted a new formula in regard to jobs created or lost in the state.
Politiscoop called BLS and a spokesman refused to confirm Walker's numbers. Apparently one of the ways Walker fudged the job-creation statistics was to assume the BLS made a mistake in counting. As Politiscoop points out,
The BLS also made it clear that if there was such an egregious error in Wisconsin, that error would also apply to the rest of the United States. In other words, Wisconsin would still be dead last in job creation.
The video above is from last night's debate between Barrett and Walker. Only one comment drew audible gasps from the audience. Barrett said of Walker:
I have a police department that arrests felons. He has a habit of hiring them.
Today, former President Bill Clinton came to Milwaukee for a Barrett rally. Union-busting (and proud of it) South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is in Wisconsin campaigning for Walker.

You can bet Teamsters from all over will be working hard all weekend to get out the vote!