Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hamptons handyman tweets hilariously about the 1%

This is the time of year when the 1%ers head to their summer homes in the Hamptons on Long Island. Joe Schwenk, a third-generation Hamptonite, is not fond of these people. He calls them "cities." He especially dislikes hedge fund managers, or "hedges").

Schwenk is also a handyman who tweets about his job. Business Insider offers us a sample of his "Hamptons Request of the Day' tweets, which chronicle the ridiculous demands of the overpaid and over pampered 1%. Here's a sample:
Hamptons Request of the Day: Buy 10 electric kid's dirt bikes & make a 1/2 temp acre dirt track in Hedgie's back yard for 10th bday party ($23k) 
Hamptons Request of the Day: Drive a poodle back to NYC while owners catch a copter ride w/rich friends. Sorry, Muffy, they got a better deal! 
Hamptons Request of the Day: Dig out Mr.P's palm trees and return to greenhouse down island. Mr.P installs trees just for season. 
Hamptons Request: Mr.M offered me $50/HR to hire his f*ck up 16YO son to work for me for 2 wks. He'll be cutting scrap metal with a blow torch. 
Read the whole thing here.