Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting close to the wire in WI

Volunteers in Madison earlier this week.
No one knows what will happen on Tuesday in Wisconsin. If you average out all the election polls, Gov. Scott Walker had 49.5 percent of the vote on May 30, with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett at 48.5 percent. Barrett is gaining on Walker, however. You can see the poll tracker here.

Kelly Steele from We Are Wisconsin argues persuasively that some of the polls are flawed and oversample Walker supporters. We shall see.

Everyone agrees on one thing: the recall result will come down to which side gets out more voters. The photo above shows a crowd of people in Madison who volunteered to get out the vote three days ago. Pretty impressive, eh?

We don't think the mainstream media has much insight into the recall campaign, so we decided to check out the tweetosphere. This is what we're finding:
@WorkingAmerica: Wowza. MT @news3jessica: GAB estimates recall election turnout at 60-65%, or 2.6 to 2.8 mil #wirecall #wiunion 
@steelekelly: Please call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report incidents of these or any other suppression tactics. #wiunion #wirecall 
@AFLCIO:  Not too late to stop by #AFLCIO HQ in DC to join the #RecallWalker phone bank. We're open until 5. #wiunion 
@Cog_Dis: Good job, sir! RT @MahlonMitchell: Doing GOTV in Milwaukee. Stopped by Coffee Makes You Black to meet with voters. #wiunion #wirecal 
@Cog_Dis Recall canvassers outnumber out of state teahadists 20:1 RT @BrickM: WI Tea Party Rally Attracts (cont) 
@bluecheddar1: Getting ready to canvass. @ Labor Temple, #Madison #wiunion #wirecall