Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Made in America products

Our brothers and sisters at the AFL-CIO asked their members what Made in America products they like. They published the answers on their blog, which we're sharing here. 
Aamclips writes:
Some of my favorite/iconic USA-made items are—Duracell, Glad trash bags, L.L. Bean, New Balance, Louisville Slugger, Slinky (my favorite) and Zippo lighters.
Rick Mckiddy also shares his personal list.
I drive a Chevy Volt that is assembled in Detroit and has over 400 part numbers that are built in Ohio!  I ride a Harley that was built in York PA, I buy Union Line Shirts, Pants and Thorogood Shoes all made in USA, and by members of UFCW Union Labor. When I shop, I always look for Made in USA and Union label. My Wifes car is a Saturn, my Son Drives a Chevy Cruz, We understand that we can help create jobs for Americans, if we simply put our Country first and Buy America.
Applause to ssirishrmblr who says: “Almost any time I buy any product it starts with (Where's it made?).”
And cheers to David Mackey Sr., for noting his preference for
Anything made in America by Union People is what I like. UNION YES! WHEN AND WHERE? NOW!
Although making it clear he’s not a fan of Miller Lite, Frank Bialek helpfully expands the list of American made:
In no particular order I enjoy American bred steak, pork and lamb, Budweiser, Leinekukel, Point especially POIINT DARK, Chicago dogs, the U.S. Mail, Detroit automakers, MLB, NFL, the Chicago Transit Authority, Public Libraries, All music but not so much opera, Municipal skylines especially Chicago and NYC. I am not a union member but also have no problem with them.
Joseph Bocek also helps broaden our understanding of made in America. 
ANY Manufacturing plant built here in the U.S. to provide jobs for our citizens and bring jobs back from plants that were moved because of trade agreements.
Some noted the difficulty of finding products made in this country, but as tm4093 points out:
I am as guilty as everyone else, in buying the dirt cheapest item available and causing this current recession. By buying "Dirt Cheap," I have made my life - and the lives of my neighbors - "Dirt Cheap." Please think like this when making any purchases. We cannot create jobs - if we don't buy our own products.
ll bean
Further, aufrichtig40 says while it is not easy to find U.S. brands,
I don't give up. I think of my blue-collar parents, whose lifetime of labor contributed mightily to postwar America's prosperity, and I refuse to shame them by neglecting to seek out domestically-made products ... especially if they carry a union label.
The most expansive view of union made/America made brings us full circle to the real Made in America bottom line: The people who make our goods and provide our services.
From Birgit Nicolaisen:
My favorite made in America item....that would be my daughter! With Mom and Dad both proud union members!
As Lawrence Sandoval summed it up: "Union made families!"
Stay tuned for the Teamsters' list of favorites!