Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hundreds of boisterous Teamsters protest Walker in OK

Last night's protest of Dairyland Dictator Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was a big success, according to our brothers and sisters at Local 886 in Oklahoma:
The Protest Rally for Scott Walker was a success for Organized Labor. Approximately 450 to 500 Union Members and Labor Supports attended the rally and voiced their opinion about Scott Walker's attack on the working class. Many motorists passing the rally honked and showed support for the workers of Oklahoma. We will continue to push back against the destruction of our livelihoods and way of life. More information about future rallies and events will follow as the information becomes available. Thank you to everyone who participated in the rally in person and behind the scene.
Walker was speaking at a $1,500-a-plate fund-raiser at the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Churchill blogged at Daily Kos,
Premium tables were rumoured to cost $25,000 for 8 atendees, or $3,125 for each person. 
Many of the atendees were shocked that there were so many people there waiving signs of protest. However, there were many people that honked their horn as they drove by. 
The Associated Press reported,
Outside, a boisterous crowd of more than 200 protesters and union workers lined the street and expressed support for Walker's ouster in Wisconsin. 
"I've been able to provide for myself and earn an education because of the union," said 34-year-old Josh Diffin, a union electrician who carried a sign that read "Stop the War on Workers." "We need things like retirement benefits, health care, the ability to put food on the table for our kids."
The Oklahoma Gazette Quoted Local 886 President Ron Cobb before the big rally.
Ron Cobb, president and business manager for the Teamsters Local Union 886, said the union plans to protest the event at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, as well as hold a competing fundraiser nearby. 
Cobb said the Teamsters plan to raise money for eyeglasses for Capitol Hill High School students who need them. 
“We intend to express our freedom of assembly,” he said. “We’re going to do a peaceful protest against Scott Walker’s legislation that certainly destroys working families and collective bargaining. 
“We do not want him bringing that type of legislation or suggesting that type of legislation in Oklahoma.”
Great work, Oklahomans!