Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Huge anti-Walker rally in IL underway

Today in Springfield.
A large, loud crowd is converging in Springfield, Ill., right now to protest the jaw-droppingly dishonest governor of Wisconsin. He's speaking to the Illinois Chamber of Foreign Multinationals Commerce.

We Are One-Illinois tells us the point of the exercise:

Join a spirited crowd of rank-and-file union members and community supporters to demonstrate against the extreme agenda and failed record of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in Springfield on Tuesday morning, April 17. 
Send a strong message that Illinois rejects Walker's attacks on collective bargaining rights, pensions and health care as well as his corporate tax giveaways and budget cuts to schools and Medicaid.

Nice-looking rat. The one on the right, we mean.
@mellconklin asks:
Why is Walker in Illinois? IL workers earn 12% more than WI workers. Wants to see if he can lower their pay too. #wiunion
@Stephknows responds:
Apparently Gov Walker will be providing some advice to Illinois today on how to make their economy stop working.
@ieanea tells us
Crowd starting to gather. Picketing has started.
Sly in the Morning, the Madison radio host, is broadcasting the protest live. Sly says bringing Walker to Illinois is an insult to labor along the lines of bringing Bret Favre to a Bears game. Listen to it here.