Monday, August 8, 2011

WI recall: Too close to call

DailyKos has a new poll out and the results are nerve-racking. Bottom line: too close to call. Read the whole thing here and do what they tell you to help out.

Meanwhile, TAPPED has a pretty good take on what's at stake in Wisconsin tomorrow:
These elections (and two next week) will determine whether Governor Scott Walker will retain a Republican state senate majority, and will also gauge the likelihood that he’ll face his own ouster in January. They’ll also provide a rare test case for a brand of populist, anti-corporate campaigning that activists often call for but many Democrats shy away from. These Democrats are using a class-based message in six districts red enough to have elected Republican state senators on the same day Barack Obama was elected president.
And here are some random tweets we like:

Just finished canvassing in Green Bay. Good day most doors positive
New Teaparty tshirt: I wanted a Default, but all I got was this stupid Credit Downgrade
Tomorrow's Elections are Not Republican vs. Democrat. It's Koch Industries vs. the Working People of WI.
We are WI office in Portage asked me to tweet for more canvassing volunteers today & tomorrow! Can you help
if you can, please phonebank for #wiunion. these are tight races. Really tight races. GOTV will matter.
Heading to help Sandy in the final push before tomorrow. All 6 #WIrecall races are close - if you want to help be...