Saturday, August 27, 2011

'I put my money on the power of the people' (Latest Walker protest video)

It's out! Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker went to a Catholic school in Milwaukee yesterday to read to third-graders (weren't they lucky). A very energetic, 500-person protest unfolded outside. You'll get a sense of it from the video.

DailyKos has a great post about the rally, which included one arrest:
There were people from various labor groups, but mostly just citizens like me: people sick of being pushed around, and sick of being told that we don't matter, that we are "the loud minority" with no voice worth hearing...We continued to chant and sing, waiting for Walker to leave out the back way. His handlers rushed him to his awaiting limo, and they zoomed away, amid a very tense climate of dissent....
It feels to me that we are now in a third phase of the movement. The first was centered in Madison and Capitol Square. The second was the recall campaign and elections. Our current phase is unfolding. It is more tense, and more intense. It feels less patient, it feels more fed up. It also has a feeling of confidence. We have learned a lot in the last six months. We know how to create media events, how to protect each other, and how to work together. Our songs are louder, our chants more rhythmic. We are mixing the streets, the social networks and the few institutions of power that we have access to...
It is hard to predict long term outcomes, but judging by what I experienced this afternoon, I put my money on the power of the people. We've got the feets and we've got the streets.
Read the whole thing here.