Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to follow WI recall today minute-by-minute

The polls are open in Wisconsin for what we hope is a historic election. Wisconsin bloggers are collaborating to provide live coverage all day.

Dane 101 announces:
We're teaming up with Waukesha Wonk, Uppity Wisconsin, Blue Cheddar, Illusory Tenant, Blogging Blue, Forward Our Motto, and the Job Party to cover tomorrow's historic recall elections (possibly more will be joining us). At 8 a.m. we'll be posting a CoverItLive module that will feed into our various sites reports from all of our blogs.
Appleton Wonk on blue cheddar put it all in context with a post, "Move Over McCarthy,  Wisconsin Has A New Progressive Movement." We like this observation:
The whole world is watching the events in Wisconsin as they unfold. There are many around the country and world that are pinning their hopes on our successes.  They feel if we are successful in restoring our democracy, they will have a chance to do it, as well. Wisconsin we can prove that people are more important than special interest groups and big money. Wisconsin will show the world what a democracy of the people looks like. The people in Wisconsin are some of the most bright, creative, cooperative people I know. If anyone can bring back democracy, we can do it.
For everything you need to know about the recalls, we bring you John Nichols at the Nation here.

And yes, we expect dirty tricks from the other side. But the Daily Isthmus reports on preparations to monitor the elections through citizen exit polling:
The purpose of citizen exit polling, say organizers, is to monitor the "integrity" of elections that rely on computerized machines to tally votes. Concerns about the validity of electronic voting machines in the 2004 elections, as well as the mishandling of some 14,000 ballots by the Waukesha county clerk in the recent Supreme Court race, have brought the issue to the fore in Wisconsin and elsewhere.
We're holding our breath...