Friday, August 19, 2011

Verizon fight is our fight

Teamsters are heeding General President Jim Hoffa's call to honor the Verizon workers' picket lines -- and to join them. Above, Local 728 Teamsters join Jobs with Justice and CWA on a picket line in Atlanta. Way to go, brothers and sisters!

Hoffa, in a statement, said earlier,
As our 45,000 brothers and sisters walk the picket lines today, I want to let them know there are 1.4 million Teamsters supporting their fight for respect and justice in the workplace...We will not stand by and let big business continue its assault on working families. The Teamsters stand with these brave men and women who are now on the front lines of this war on workers. Their fight is our fight.
CWA wants to make sure all UPS drivers got the message. CWA Local 2106 recommended a copy of the statement be distributed to all picket lines.
Any Teamster who sees and reads this letter will not cross our line--you may depend upon it. (If one does, take a picture and forward it--it will be a collector's item).
Thousands of e-activist Teamsters have signed an online petition supporting the Verizon workers. (If you haven't signed up as an e-activist, now would be a good time. Click here.)
Verizon is beginning to feel the pain of the strike, reports Steven Greenhouse at the New York Times.
As a strike by 45,000 Verizon workers approaches the two-week mark, the company’s customers are beginning to feel the impact — and are complaining about it.
Verizon acknowledges “minor” disruptions since the strike began on Aug. 7. But some customers of its landline telephone, Internet and cable television service are reporting significant delays getting current lines repaired and new ones installed.
Brothers and sisters, there is no time like the present to remember that united we stand, divided we beg.