Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teamsters stand with Verizon workers

Local 25 Teamsters in Boston support striking Verizon workers.

Teamsters all over the country are answering General President Hoffa's call to walk the picket lines in solidarity with striking CWA workers at Verizon. (But remember to tell CWA if you start your own picket line.) Teamsters from Local 728 in Atlanta, along with Jobs with Justice and CWA, are making a strong showing outside of a Verizon store in Atlanta. (We'll post the video when we can figure out how to de-bug it.)

Teamsters from Local 25 in Boston are standing strong with Verizon workers, as you can see from the photo above.

UPS workers are refusing to cross Verizon workers' picket lines. Here's Axis of Logic reporting on the great support CWA members are getting:
Operating Engineers, crane operators, and other construction and building-service workers in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are refusing to cross picket lines. Teamsters at UPS have refused to deliver to Verizon offices, denying the company wireless and fiber-optic equipment. Even some non-union workers are refusing to cross. Dozens of unions, from nurses to janitors to teachers, have bolstered picket lines in support.
Busy UPS drivers are double-parking their trucks next to the vans operated by scabs and managers, boosting efforts by CWA and IBEW members to delay and deny scabs’ access to the work.
To walk a picket line, you can find the nearest one here. You can also adopt your own Verizon store to picket here.

CWA also suggests ways you can help out through Facebook, Twitter and an online petition. Click here to find out more.