Monday, August 22, 2011

Florida reverse-robocalls Rick Scott (video)

Pink Slip Rick Scott has been annoying Floridians at dinner with robocalls telling them what a great job he's doing.

It backfired, which is what usually happens when the Florida governor tries to do something. (Like create decent jobs.)

Scott, for example, has asked supporters to send in a lettter to the editor writen by his staff about how wonderful he is. Stephen Colbert took notice. As First Coast reported,
The letters drew national criticism from Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

"Dear Editor, It is my strong belief that Rick Scott is an "adjective" Governor," he spoofed on his show.
He urged supporters to write letters of their own to the local media, using more colorful language.
"I have left blank spaces, so you can fill in your real opinions," joked Colbert.
Our news partner, the Jacksonville Times Union has received several letters of support for Scott, but dozens more of the Colbert variety.
So now Floridians are recording robocalls to the governor's office, thanks to We especially like this one from Jennifer M:
Hi Rick, I just wanted to return the favor of the robocalls to you. Thank you so much for screwing up the state I was born in.
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