Friday, August 26, 2011

All 4 Paul Ryan offices under occupation or protest...

...even as hundreds protest Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker.

Here's the latest on the protests at the offices of premium wine enthusiast Paul Ryan, thanks to Wisconsin Jobs Now:
After being kicked out yesterday, permanently, activists in Paul Ryan’s district decided to come together and have retaken the Kenosha office. They once again decided enough was enough – and, fed up with the runaround, they marched back in the office and demanded to know why he isn’t holding FREE and public town halls.
@WiscJobsNow also tweeted:
Cops in Kenosha refuse to arrest protesters or issue tickets. just filmed activists & read them warnings. #WhereIsPaulRyan
Ryan's jobless constituents are also protesting in Racine, Janesville and Lake Geneva. Wisconsin Jobs Now tells us
Day 6 of the “Where Is Paul Ryan” Protest continues. This is Janesville’s second day of hitting the streets, but they’re staying strong. 
 Here's a picture of the Janesville protesters:

Keep up the great work, Cheeseheads! We'll post separately about the bigass Scott Walker protest going on now.