Thursday, August 25, 2011

Walker tweeting for cash (video)

You've heard about dialing for dollars? Well, now Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is tweeting for cash -- campaign cash. Expecting a recall, he's cozying up to his corporate cronies for what is likely to be boatloads of dark money.

John Nichols, a longtime political observer in Wisconsin, has this take on a potential recall in Wisconsin:
Democrats won the overall majority of votes cast in the nine districts, with roughly 243,000 votes statewide to 239,000 for the Republicans. That’s a narrow margin but remember that Governor Walker won these districts in 2010, and that Republican Senate candidates easily won six of them in 2008...
In addition to the recalls, Wisconsin had one other competitive state legislative election this year: a May contest to fill the state Assembly seat of Republican Mike Huebsch, who left the legislature to become Governor Walker’s chief appointee (as secretary of the state Department of Administration). The western Wisconsin seat, representing a traditionally Republican district that Huebsch held with little serious opposition for sixteen years, was won after an intense contest by a Democrat. Factor this in and Wisconsin Democrats have, since May, flipped three GOP legislative seats. Republicans have flipped no Democratic seats.
So it is that, for all the talk of Republican “wins” this year, the reality is that the Democrats have the far better record of winning competitive races. That’s a significant shift from 2010, when the Republicans had the advantage.