Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink Slip Rick gets a makeover

Florida Gov. Pink Slip Rick Scott's charm offensive continues, with "offensive" being the operative word.

It seems the governor realized that just about everyone in Florida hates him. So he's trying to remake his image. He spent one day working in a doughnut shop, and after that all the teachers, nurses and law enforcement officers who lost their jobs because of his budget decided they loved him after all. (Yes, we're kidding.) 

Now Bay News 9 reports that Scott has asked the media to scrap the old creepy picture of him and use a new creepy picture instead. Bay News 9 actually puts it a little more charitably:
Gov. Scott lost the stuffy suit and tie to sport a less formal button down shirt and big smile, as seen in his new official photo sent to the media on Monday.
This commenter, "Joe," was a little less charitable:
A mug shot would be better after fleecing Florida.