Thursday, August 18, 2011

VIDEO: Unemployed stage sit-in at Paul Ryan's office

Premium wine enthusiast Rep. Paul Ryan isn't holding any town hall meetings with constituents during the August recess. Well, unless they're willing to fork over $15. The Wisconsin Republican may have been concerned that people were  a teensy bit angry about his attempt to kill Medicare.

Ryan's unemployed constituents also weren't pleased that they'd have to pay to ask him a question. So they requested a meeting to discuss jobs. He replied with a form letter. They weren't pleased with that, either. Hence the sit-in.

Here's a description of the event from youtube:
August 18: Protesters in the middle of staging a sit in to demand that Paul Ryan meet with his constituents and address the jobs crisis receive a form message from the representative. Tired of being brushed off, however, the demonstrators are resolved to not leave until their demands are met.
We are told by a charming twitterer with the handle John_Galt_1984 that police are on their way, though we have no reason to believe that. But here's the tweet:
Police are coming to disperse the #PaulRyanSitIn. I hope they bring billy clubs and tear gas. #HandsOffMyCongressman #WIUnion #StupidLibs
We're confused. Who's the thug?