Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FL correctional officers speak out (video)

Penny Reeder, a correctional officer, and Kimberly Schultz, a correctional probation specialist, tell the Teamsters Women's Conference about their struggles with the Florida prison system.

And while we're at it, here's a terrific letter to the editor inviting Gov. Pink Slip Rick Scott to walk a day in a correctional officers' shoes.
Try this, Governor: Work a day on the recreation field in a correctional officer's uniform with maybe one other officer on the other side of the field. Many inmates may be armed with "shanks." You won't have anything but a radio due to budget restraints.
Walk in prison employees' shoes, Gov. Scott. Maybe help quell a major disturbance with little help due to lack of staff.
Scott thinks going private will save the taxpayers' money. Anyone who thinks this needs to be kicked out of office. Private prisons make their money from the state; that's us taxpayers.