Friday, August 19, 2011

Still more jobs protests in NM, PA, IL, NH, OH -- and of course WI

Today's Solidarity Sing Along at the Wisconsin Capitol.
Solidarity Sing Alongs are keeping the spirit of protest alive in Wisconsin every weekday at the state Capitol. The ralliers have been singing songs from the civil rights and labor movements since the massive demonstrations this winter.

That spirit is alive and well all over the country, as Members of Congress are learning to their chagrin.

The Huffington Post reports,

In New Mexico last week, a woman angry about Congress’ partisan squabbling over the debt ceiling cursed at Rep. Steve Pearce. In Alabama, several constituents blasted oil subsidies at an event hosted by Rep. Mo Brooks. More than 150 showed up in Pennsylvania to express their frustration to Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick about everything from student loans to Social Security.

Taxes have been a major theme at several town halls. In Illinois, when Rep. Randy Hultgren proposed making the U.S. tax code “flatter, fairer,” his constituents responded by demanding that he support more taxes on the rich...

At an Ohio event for Rep. Steve Chabot, protesters held signs that read "Chabot Shame" and "Hands off my Medicare."
And in New Hampshire, U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta faced a tough crowd in Greenland. Seacoast Online reported he
...met with a rancorous crowd Wednesday at a District Discussions meeting organized by the freshman Republican congressman.
It was standing room only at Greenland Town Hall as Guinta fielded questions from several furious constituents, who wanted answers to questions on Social Security, the economy, tax codes and the cost of glossy, colored mailings attributed to the New Hampshire representative.

Fifteen activists with the N.H. American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, N.H. Alliance for Retired Americans and picketed outside with signs bearing slogans like "Hands off Medicare and Social Security."