Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Walmart strikers making a difference on Walmart's popularity

Walmart strikers are raising public awareness of the way the company robs treats its workers, according to a new poll by Lake Research Partners.

The perception that Walmart makes plenty of money and can afford to pay its workers more is driving customers away, the poll showed: 
The data is clear that Walmart’s record of treating workers poorly is harming the company’s reputation. Furthermore, the concerns about Walmart’s pay and treatment of workers is putting its market share at risk, leading even some of its most loyal customers to consider avoiding the store.  
Though popular, Walmart has the highest negative ratings of any big retailer in the United States. 
  • Around three-in-ten Americans (28%) have an unfavorable view of Walmart, compared to 71% favorable; for Target it is 13% unfavorable and 82% favorable; for Costco it is 6% unfavorable and 57% favorable; and for Amazon 4% unfavorable and 82% favorable. 
  • Despite having an established identity, after hearing both positive and negative facts and messages about Walmart, those numbers change dramatically, with only 32% viewing Walmart favorably compared to 60% unfavorably. 
And more news on the Walmart front:  Walmart's new CEO met with strikers last week to talk to them about creating more opportunities. And Walmart workers who walked off the job last week returned to work safely.

Stay strong, brothers and sisters!