Thursday, June 26, 2014

Teamsters: 'You have to be united to be strong' (video)

We love this video from our brothers and sisters at Teamsters Local 362 in Alberta, Canada. It really explains what belonging to a union really means.

Teamsters Local 362 has 7,400 members covered by 100 collective bargaining agreements. Historically Local 362 covered transportation and construction companies, but is now quite diverse. It represents members who work for UPS, Grimshaw Trucking, Brinks Canada, construction and pipeline companies -- to name a few.

Here's what Teamsters Local 362 says about itself on its blog:
Teamsters Local 362 stands firm on the value that you have to be united to be strong. At 362 it’s not just about being part of a union – it’s about being part of a family. It’s a collective voice that demands to be listened to and it’s often the only voice that can be heard on the job. It’s also a voice that’s over 125,000 members strong across Canada! Through good times and bad the Teamsters fight for a fair wage, safe working conditions and secure employment. And like all strong families – we are extended. There are scholarships and pensions that ensure a bright future for all of our members. 
Life happens and situations change but the Teamsters are a constant – fighting for your rights as a worker, but also helping the communities that you live in. After the floods hit Calgary in June of 2013, the Teamsters Local 362 gave ten thousand dollars to the Building Trades of Alberta who collectively gave two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the Red Cross.-Longer lasting benefit with help of Joint Council 90 to Calgary Foundation. 
The Teamsters also promote opportunity. Membership can include training, upgrading for certificates, safety courses, job boards and a youth committee that offers growth and investment within the union.
See more at: the Teamsters Local 362 blog here.