Monday, March 24, 2014

Target's cheesy new anti-union video leaves out something important

Dawn and Ricardo, the stars of Target's new union-busting video
Target, the nation's third-largest retailer, has a new union-busting video that describes unions as 'businesses' (and Target isn't?).

Watch it here.

As Hamilton Nolan at Gawker points out, the video leaves out the real reason Target employees shouldn't join a union:
Target does not want any of its employees to unionize is not because it fears a loss of its precious "culture," but because it fears having to pay higher wages and provide better benefits and working conditions. I don't know how that bit was left out of the script. Quite an oversight.
Unions 4 Workers posted An Maben's terrific response to the video on their Facebook page:
Unions are a 'business' that only exist to perpetuate themselves. Yeah, right. Due to my mother's union membership, her job was protected when her boss tried to fire her and replace her with a younger woman - just because the woman was younger - her job evaluations were actually not as good as my mother's. Because of her union, my mother had a pension to add to her Social Security and excellent Medicare supplement insurance after working at the company only 15 years. Yeah, because of her 'terrible' union my 50-something mom kept her job and my parent's retirement years were much better. Why is Target so afraid of unionization? Because they don't want to supply any of that to their employees.
 'Nuf said.