Friday, March 7, 2014

New report: Media lobbies for TPP, but doesn't report on it

You go, girl. 
The reason you aren't hearing or seeing anything in the media about the corporate power grab disguised as a trade deal called the TPP is this: the media is lobbying FOR it.

Lobbying disclosure reports reveal the parent companies of CNN, MSNBC, ABC News and NBC News have all lobbied the federal government about the TPP. Collectively, these companies have dispatched more than a dozen lobbyists to Congress, yet done virtually no reporting on this very same trade deal, according to a recent Media Matters report.

Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York created a petition to urge the news media to cover the TPP, which is only the most important wage and jobs story in a generation. 

Now that we know the parent companies of major news outlets are lobbying for the TPP, Rep. Slaughter is asking people who signed the petition to call those companies.

You can do it too; it's easy. Click here for the phone numbers and suggested script. Says Rep. Slaughter: 
News outlets should be a trusted source of information for the American people, not another corporate interest trying to profit from a major trade deal. It's time that the parent companies of major news outlets stop trying to profit from a flawed trade deal and start informing the American public.
Make the call. Your democracy depends on it.