Friday, March 7, 2014

Another Teamster organizing victory in California!

Please welcome our 500 new Teamster brothers and sisters at Mount Diablo Unified School District who voted 67 percent in favor of joining Teamsters Local 856 in San Bruno, Calif. Final votes were tallied today in an election that included school bus drivers, custodians, food service workers, technicians, and other workers in the maintenance department.

According to a press release from Local 856, the workers voted to join the Teamsters after months of stalled negotiations over issues such as soaring health care costs and overdue pay increases.

Noven Feria, a lead custodian, explained why he and his coworkers chose the Teamsters:
We drive children to school, prepare their meals, and make sure they have a clean, safe environment in which to learn. We deserve to be able to take care of our families too and not have to choose between food and healthcare. 
 Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 856, added,
The District’s decision to freeze healthcare costs at 2010 levels has had an alarming impact on these workers – many have had to choose between buying groceries and having healthcare. 
It’s time for Mount Diablo to take care of the workers who take care of our children. We are committed and prepared to do whatever it takes to demand fairness at the bargaining table.
Mount Diablo workers organizing committee
Mount Diablo workers join Concord city workers within the school district who are also represented by Local 856.

Welcome to the Teamsters!