Monday, February 6, 2012

Walker hires criminal defense attorneys

The noose certainly seems to be tightening around Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. He recently hired two high-powered criminal defense attorneys and said he wants to meet with a county prosecutor about the ongoing "John Doe" investigation.

The editors at the Cap Times think Scotty boy owes the people of Wisconsin an explanation. The Times notes that Walker's aides and supporters have already been subject to a series of arrests, raids, felony charges, convictions and grants of immunity.
  • His former aides have been charged with illegal campaigning -- both misdemeanor and felony raps.
  • Evidence has come to light indicating Walker knew of a secret email system to support illegal campaigning on the taxpayer dime.
  • One of Walker's longtime aides was charged with stealing from a charity for wounded military veterans and the families of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Cap Times writes:
Wisconsinites have a right to ask whether their governor is "lawyering up" simply as a precaution or in anticipation of additional criminal complaints about wrongdoing in offices where Walker was the boss.
The governor should level with Wisconsinites about the controversy that has developed. He has a right, and a responsibility, to defend himself. But he also has a responsibility to communicate fully and frankly with the citizens who pay his salary, and who have entrusted him with the state's most powerful position.
Politiscoop gives us a hint where the investigation may lead.
In 2002 Milwaukee County picked Bear Stearns to underwrite a $100 million bond refinancing deal even though their bid was $90,000 higher than another bidder and also violated the bidding guidelines. Bear Stearns’ executive, Nicholas Hurtgen, who has since pled guilty in a political corruption probe in Illinois, raised $25,000 in campaign contributions for Walker at two Illinois fundraisers shortly after they won the contract. Walker personally approved the selection of Bear Stearns. The sale of the bonds took place in 2003. Incidentally Karl Rove was to appear at this fundraiser but backed out at the last minute.
Let's just hope poor widdle Scotty doesn't land in the hoosegow before he gets recalled.