Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teamster sets Walker straight on LaCrosse jobs (video)

(Sorry about the ad.)

Our Teamster brother Rob Moss, business agent for Local 695, wasn't going to let Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker take credit for creating jobs at City Brewery in LaCrosse. (After all, 69 percent of what comes out of Walker's mouth is "False," "Mostly False" or "Pants on Fire.") Walker made the claim during his State of the State speech.

Moss told WKBT in LaCrosse that Walker's assertion made him ill.

(Good one, Rob!)

Moss points out that Teamster workers agreed to take wage cuts to keep the brewery open when it was going through a rough patch. Collective bargaining, he said,
not only saved this brewer, it's moved this brewery forward.
Walker's record on jobs, by the way, is just about the worst in the nation. Wisconsin is the only state to have lost jobs in six consecutive months. But that's what happens when you destroy collective bargaining rights.