Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remember when Walker told Dems to do their job?

Protesters greet WI anti-worker Gov. Walker today in FL! #flu... on Twitpic
Protesting Walker in Naples, Fla., yesterday

Just about a year ago, Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker berated 14 brave Democrats who left the state to prevent a vote to strip government workers of their collective bargaining rights.
"I'm going to tell them they get paid to come to work, and they should be coming to work," he told reporters.
He also said the lawmakers were "disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of public employees who showed up to work today and the millions of taxpayers they represent."
Guess where Walker was yesterday? He wasn't working for millions of taxpayers in snowy Wisconsin. He was in Florida. Guess where he'll be tomorrow? He won't be showing up to work in Madison. He'll be speaking to a bunch of narcissistic wingnuts at the CPAC confab in Washington, D.C.
In fact, Scott Walker has traveled outside of his state more than any other governor in the country and more than any other governor in Wisconsin history, according to Uppity Wisconsin.
By my count, this is Walker's fourth trip to Florida. He's also traveled to Kentucky, Arizona, California, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Nevada and Texas. He has\also gone to Washington DC seven times and New York city nine times.
He's been everywhere, man. Often times he takes his sidekick and taxpayer-paid press secretary, Cullen Werwie, with him.
When the 14 state senators left the state for their walk-out filibuster, Walker finger-wagged at the Senators to "come back and do your job!" And that admonition came after the Senators were gone for 20 days.
By my count, Walker has been out of the state all or part of 42 days since he became governor-- about twice the time the "Wisconsin 14" were outside the state.
Just sayin'.