Saturday, February 25, 2012

'Cut ties to Sotheby's' rally, Part II

We couldn't quite figure out what this photo showed until we were enlightened by our brother Dave Martinez, shop steward for Local 814's art handlers at Sotheby's. The photo accompanied some shots of Teamsters and friends rallying outside of the Museum of Modern Art.

Here's how Dave explained the photo:
So, we stood outside of MOMA and explained to people the lockout situation and how MOMA continues to do business with Sotheby's while we are locked out, etc., and asked them to help Support us by dropping these STOP SELLING AT SOHEBY'S flyers at the information desk. We gave out 120 of them. We sent someone inside to take pictures of them on the desks. When we were done we marched through the lobby chanting Sotheby's UNFAIR - MOMA UNFAIR. It was a very successful Action. The free Friday audience was very receptive.