Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still another reason to close the border to Mexican trucks: Weapons trafficking

TeamsterNation just loves it when U.S. safety officials are asked if opening the border would cause Mexico's drug violence to bleed northward. Their response is usually, "Nothing to see here, keep moving, people. Nothing to see."

The New York Times, in a remarkably biased and erroneous story the other day, asked the Texas Department of Public Safety whether opening the border would lead to an increase in human, drug, illicit cash or weapons smuggling. The Texas DPS dismissed the idea, even though it had warned people not to go to Mexico over the holidays because of the violence.

Here's their response to the Times' question:
Nothing to see here
All commercial vehicles, including commercial vehicles operated by Mexican-based carriers, entering the U.S. through commercial border crossings from Mexico are already subject to various types of inspections by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, as well as the Texas D.P.S.
Here's the story today about weapons smuggling from the Arizona Republic:
The seizure of more than 700 guns and the indictments of 34 people announced on Tuesday are further confirmation that Arizona has become an iron highway for weapons into Mexico, according to federal authorities.
Many legal purchases by straw buyers at Arizona gun stores are being financed and orchestrated by Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, federal officials said.
At least the U.S. Attorney for Arizona didn't say "Nothing to see here." Here's what he did say:
This is a huge problem in this state. It is a strange phenomenon...Drug cartels go shopping for their war weapons here in Arizona.
Many of the guns are seized after being used in crimes in the U.S. or Mexico. TeamsterNation is shocked, shocked to learn that border agents, customs officials and law enforcement officers at the border don't find every gun every time.

If you haven't been following this, the Department of Transportation wants to open the border to Mexican trucks with another pilot program. The Teamsters will fight like hell against the plan because it will undermine highway safety, American jobs and border security.