Monday, January 10, 2011

School bus workers rally for R-E-S-P-E-C-T in NJ

Amelia Dunn, management, and George Dapper. Yup, that's really his last name.

School bus drivers and aides at Dapper Bus Co. in Trenton, N.J. resolved to get some respect for the New Year.

They're fed up with George Dapper's refusal to recognize their right to fair wages, job security, decent benefits and respect.

Dapper does not respect the workers' right to form a union. He doesn't even respect the workers enough to listen to their concerns or let them in his office!

About 30 Dapper workers rallied in Trenton just before Christmas after Dapper refused to accept a firm but respectful letter. The letter asked that the Dapper, his family and managers refrain from coercion, intimidation, harassment and threats.

The letter said,
We hope to have a peaceful and successful organizing campaign.We feel that organizing is the bestpossible solution to our issues, andwill enable us to have amore professional, and less hostile,working environment. We believe organizing is in the best interest of everyone—theworkers, the company and the students we transport.
Dapper has continued his Scrooge-like behavior toward the workers. Here's hoping he has a Grinch-like transformation.