Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still another reason to close the border to Mexican trucks: Pollution

Mexican trucks are older and dirtier than American trucks, say those who actually know what a Mexican truck looks like.

Stanley's Trucking News reports that Mexicans understand their trucks don't meet U.S. standards. According to, the president of Mexico's National Chamber of Trucking (Canacar) said EPA regulations will keep the border closed. Canacar's president, Juan Carlos Munoz, said the regulations on low-emission diesel fuel will make cross-border trucking virtually impossible. He said
At first glance is doesn't seem viable. We (can't) ever enter the United States, at least not in the next 20 years. reported that the U.S. proposal to open the border not being taken seriously by Mexican carriers who believe the United States will not be flexible on engine and fuel standards.