Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still another reason to close the border to Mexican trucks: Hoffa will fight like hell to keep it closed

My boss, Jim Hoffa, actually has a whole bunch of reasons to keep the border closed to Mexican unsafe trucks. In yesterday's Detroit News, he pointed out that persistent high unemployment and mounting budget deficits make this a particularly bad time to open the border.

In his op-ed, Hoffa recalls the Bush administration's expensive pilot program to let Mexican trucks on our highway. Hoffa noted,
The Bush administration had already tried such a program and failed. Though the Bush program cost taxpayers $500 million, U.S. officials still weren't able to verify that all Mexican trucks were checked when they crossed the border. Hardly any Mexican trucks ended up driving beyond the border zone — about three a day.
And who can argue with this:
We simply don't believe U.S. taxpayers should pay to let more Mexican companies depress American workers' wages.
Hoffa reminds us:
There's power in a union. There's power in collective action. Our elected representatives will be forced to listen if we keep telling them we don't want the Mexican border opened and we want good jobs brought back to America.