Friday, January 7, 2011

Still another reason to close the border to Mexican trucks: Decapitation

There's a wave of beheadings in Mexico and the U.S. government wants to open our southern border to more trucks? Say what?

TeamsterNation cannot fathom why the Department of Transportation would go to Mexico with a plan for another cross-border truck program. Apparently Mexico likes the idea. Mexico's deputy transport minister told Reuters, "In general this is very good news.")

The proposal calls for Mexico to let U.S. officials make sure that Mexican drivers have clean safety records. But when Mexican police investigators have to worry about getting their heads cut off, it's hard to imagine they spend much time ticketing trucks that exceed the speed limit.  

The Borderland Beat blog is your best source for updates on violence in Mexico (along with unimaginably horrifying photos.) Recently it reported that a police investigator was decapitated in Tabasco, which is about 375 miles northwest of Mexico City. According to Borderland Beat,
In 4 years at least 49 police officers have been murdered in Tabasco, most of them between 2008 and 2009.

And here's a nice detail:
Investigators also say that these killers are also the same ones that killed the two military officers and dress them as clowns in the municipality of Cárdenas.