Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reminder: Rally against billionare union-busters on Sunday in So-Cal

The Koch brothers' secret billionaires' meeting to plot the destruction of the middle class plan for the 2012 elections is REALLY not so secret any more.

The LA Times and Politico today are both reporting on the rally planned for Sunday near the brothers' secret meeting in Rancho Mirage, Calif. "Koch conference under scrutiny" is the Politico headline. Reports the Times:

Environmentalists, labor union members and liberal activists across Southern California are mounting a protest Sunday in Rancho Mirage against billionaire "tea party" funders Charles and David Koch and their semiannual confab of conservative activists...De Ann McEwan, co-president of the California Nurses Assn., said her union and others were joining the protest because of the Koch brothers' opposition to Social Security and Medicare, which they have cloaked behind "Astroturf front groups."
The California Federation of Labor, a rally sponsor, says the Kochs
...are spending unprecedented amounts of money to elect politicians who will promote greater profits and fewer rules for insurance companies, polluters, banks and mortgage companies. This is a sickness that's tearing apart the fabric of our society and must be stopped.

Politico reported that they raised $25 million at just one luncheon during their secret meeting in Aspen last summer.

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