Monday, January 31, 2011

Solidarity from celebrities on Sun.

We're thrilled by the solidarity our brothers and sisters in the Screen Actors Guild showed last night at the SAG Awards. 

Julianna Margulies received an award for her work playing Alicia Florrick on "The Good Wife" television series. In her acceptance speech, she thanked the Teamsters for digging New York out of the snow. Seriously. This is what she said, according to, USA Today:
"Thank you, New York for keeping us -- and thank you to all the Teamsters who've been digging us out of the snow for the last two weeks."

We'd like to thank Margulies for reminding people that it wasn't the city employees who caused the hole in New York City's budget that caused the layoffs that made it harder to remove the snow over Christmas.

Melissa Leo, who received a "Best Supporting Actress" award for her performance in "The Fighter," also gave a shout out to unions. According to Associated Content, she said
Unions made this country great because it gives the voice to the working people.
Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock won best comedy actor in a series. He also thanked the Teamsters.
Thank you to the Teamsters. When you work in New York and you've got to go to work ... you don't want to take a cab or the subway. It's very nice to have these people to drive us to work every day.

Of course Baldwin said he was compelled to thank the Teamsters. He was just joking, folks.