Monday, July 8, 2013

This is what we union THUGGS do for 4 years in a row

We donate $10,000 to the Braintree Challengers, which teaches autistic Little Leaguers how to play the game.

Teamsters Local 25 in Boston holds an annual "Light Up the Night" gala has raised more than $1.5 million for autism research and awareness over the past seven years. Among the many autism nonprofits the Teamsters supports is the Challenger Little League program. The Teamsters donation means more than 140 children will have full uniforms this year, according to the Boston Globe.

Local 25 President Sean O'Brien said it's a great program.
And you give these kids the sense of being on a team. It’s their World Series...A lot of times it seems like a lonely road for children with autism or special needs. It’s good to engage with other families. Everyone gets to cheer on their special player.
Lorrie Fennell, a volunteer for Braintree American Little League’s Challenger Division, explained what the Teamsters support means:
"...parents of children with physical and mental disabilities will not have to worry about paying for the simple joy of watching their children play baseball."
You know the team is special when the former mayor of Boston and ambassador to the Vatican is an assistant coach. Local 25 received this letter from Ambassador Ray Flynn:
A Braintree Challenger.
Throughout my political career I have been a great admirer and a strong supporter of the Teamsters Union Local 25. An extraordinary capable and reliable group of union leaders. But even more today, Local 25 support for the baseball program in Braintree for special needs people is one more example of Local 25 concern and compassion. But I am not surprised. These are the same working men and women who are dedicated and patriotic Americans. I am proud to be one of "Okie" O'Connor's assistant coaches. A remarkable group of volunteers, who try and make life better for people. 
Teamsters not only keep our American economy moving forward, but reach out to help people in need. God bless each and every member of Local 25, and thanks for your kind and generous financial support.
And remember: "thuggs" stands for "those helpful union guys and gals."