Thursday, July 25, 2013

More arrests of protesters in Wisconsin, NC

Wisconsin Job-killer Gov. Scott Walker's minions today ordered more arrests of peaceful people singing pro-union songs in the Capitol Rotunda. 

The daily Solidarity Sing Alongs have apparently been vexing Walker since they began shortly after the uprising ended against his anti-worker agenda in March of 2011. The pretense for the arrests yesterday was a judge's ruling that temporarily allowed Walker to require permits for Statehouse demonstrations of "20 or more." Police, however, indiscriminately arrested about 20 singers and onlookers yesterday. A Walker supporter who spat in a protester's face was also cited.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on more arrests today:
Following Wednesday's arrest of 22 demonstrators, the numbers in the rotunda for the Thursday singalong appeared to at least double. Roughly 120 people sang, and many others looked on or stood by in support, with the mood of the crowd more electric and defiant than the day before. 
They sang what are for them now old standards such as "Eyes on the Prize" and other civil rights and union songs and never stopped, despite the steady stream of arrests. 
Repeatedly, a column of officers marched into the center of the rotunda, handcuffed several generally unresisting protesters and led them downstairs to be ticketed. As they departed, the demonstrators broke out in chants of "Shame! Shame! Shame!" taunting the police and denouncing the governor. 
"Here comes the SS," one protester said as a group of officers approached the rotunda. 
More arrests today for peaceful protesting inside the Wisconsin Capitol.
More arrests were also made last night in North Carolina's state Capitol as lawmakers put the finishing touches on an ALEC-inspired voter suppression law.  Six opponents of a voter suppression bill were arrested after entering the office of House Speaker Thom Tillis last night. They refused to leave until they spoke with him and he agreed to halt the legislation.

Wisconsin state Rep. Chris Taylor said the arrests in his state were unlawful:
...these singers were arrested for exercising their First Amendment free speech rights.
We expect more arrests in Wisconsin and North Carolina in the next week. Stay tuned.